Karrelyna Moöd Boutique

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From my on-line store to your closet or

kitchen. I want to first thank- you for choosing to shop with us.   I created Karrelyna Moöd Boutique to not only offering Modest Wear for both men and women,  which is hard to find today, but also offer the option of  Organic Cotton Wear that  reduces an individual's exposure to toxic chemicals and allergies that harm your health. As well as offering  high quality Therapeutic/ Botanical healing line which aids to natural healing from the inside out. Therefore, catered to enhance a better healthier you!                                                💙 

Our Mission

At Karrelyna Moöd Boutique our mission is not only to offer fine quality modest apparel for men and women with comfort. Nonetheless, observing over the years various health conditions that affect the human race with very little concern for natural or organic methods verses synthetic medications has touch us deeply. Even experiencing first hand the great comprises of immune health problems in our own family. In turn witnessing first hand the tremendous benefits of using natural herbs,whole natural foods, change of diet, and even change of the thinking process, still amazes us today but it inspired us to go beyond just offering fine apparel but speak our stories, share our blessings and encourage what we are convince  will truly heal from the inside out with very few negative results our Natural Botanical Healing Line! With deepest love🖤  From our hearts to yours!

Here at Karrelyna Moöd Boutique we strive to "step by step to change lives." in everything we do. From our hearts to yours 💚

Alicia, Founder
From the East Officer
Great service, fast shipping, and very reasonable prices for products of such quality!
From the East Coast