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Our Mission

At Karrelyna Moöd Boutique our Mission  is to offer YOU as an Valued Customer the finest modest apparel for both Men and Women with comfort. As well as offer YOU our Therapeutic/Botanical healing line that is so very much needed in a world saturated with synthetic meditation as the only "1st" alternative which adds severe side effects experienced internally which seeps onto the outside to the skin, hair, etc. Nonetheless, observing over the years various health conditions that affect the human race with very little concern for natural or organic methods verses synthetic medications has touch us deeply. Even experiencing first hand the great comprises of immune health problems in our own family. In turn witnessing first hand the tremendous benefits of using natural herbs, whole foods, change of diet, and even change of the thinking process, still amazes us today! But it inspired us to share with YOU. So, this is why we  go beyond just offering fine apparel but wanted to speak our stories, share our blessings and encourage what we are convince  will truly heal from the inside out with very few negative results our Natural Botanical Healing Line! With deepest love🖤  From our hearts to yours!

"Here at Karrelyna Moöd Boutique , We strive, to offer to our valued customers, the finest modest apparel as well as promote the healthiest of wholefood products "step by step in order to aid in changing lives Natually." From our hearts to yours 💚

Alicia, Founder
From the East Coast
Great service, fast shipping, and very reasonable prices for products of such quality!
From the East Coast

I Love this Beeswax body balm. When I use it on my face its not greasy like other balms and it feels amazing on the skin as an all over moisturizer.  Shipping service was also fast, right on time! Thank you so much I can use this balm summer, winter, or whenever!

Eunice M.
From North Carolina

About Us

Alicia Wiggins


My Journey!

Welcome! Byenveni!, Bienvenidos!, Akwabaa!

From my on-line store to your home. My name is Alicia and I am the owner of Karrelyna Moöd Boutique. Nonetheless, I want to first thank-you for choosing to shop with us and experiencing the satisfaction of modest wear as well as indulging in our high quality Therapeutic/botanical healing line catered to enhance a better healthier you! Growing up on the east coast of the Hilton Head Island area we enjoyed a family owned business for 30+ years. However, to us it was not just a business but it was a very precious time to bond bringing six distinct talents and ideas together to become one single reality! However, this brought many many funny unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. Above all, I speak on behalf of us all that our success was no coincidence. However, we give our utmost thanks and success to our merciful heavenly father, Jehovah, God. Because without him interceding their would be no us or success. Over the years observing these memorable treasures made me want to give, extend myself, and share. Especially, after my mother and elder sister both was diagnosed and treated with Sarcoidosis.(Sarcoidosis is a diseased that causes your immune system to overreact, which can lead to health issues. It can cause lung clamage, skin rashes, and eye disease and can affect other organs of the body.) My mother developed sarcoidosis in her lungs and my elder sister later developed neurosarcoidosis, which is in the brain. While they both battled with the aggressiveness of the disease attacking the whole immune system. My than sickly mother thoroughly researched natural healing agents that would reduce the vicious attack on her immune system. And with the help from above she accomplished this within months. So, when my elder sister was diagnosed with the same disease we now knew how to manage it. This inspired me so much both to began to looking at everything I was putting into my body as well as encouraged the rest of my family to also to do the same and encourage others to reach out to natural healing, first. Now, seeing the tremendous results, out of all my years here on this earth I feel better now than I have ever felt and I have always been thin but now I feel amazing inside out! This is why at Karrelyna Moöd Boutique we not only offer fine quality clothing but also offer a Natural healing agents to encourage others to gain control of what may have been taken away by synthetic medications. This is why Karrelyna Moöd Boutique was created! So, while we offer modest high quality and organic cotton wear, we also are tailored to catered to natural healing agents to better empower you to feel better than you have ever felt NATURALLY. Thanks again from our hearts to yours. ~Karrelyna Moöd Boutique. KM💚